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What is a Recovery Phrase
What is a Recovery Phrase

The basics of recovery phrases and why they are important.

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A recovery phrase is a set of words from the BIP39 wordlist that is used by crypto wallets to generate private keys for different blockchains. The two most common recovery phrase lengths are 12 and 24 words. Here's an example of a 12-word recovery phrase:

torch border silk much onion taste impose hello mad dizzy rival unfold

The main benefit of using a wallet with a recovery phrase is that you only need to store a single backup, while being able to receive crypto assets on many different addresses and blockchains. This makes backing up and restoring your wallet easier. It also allows you to migrate between different crypto wallets with ease, without actually transferring your crypto assets on the different blockchains.

For users with no existing crypto wallet, Bifrost Wallet generates a new recovery phrase locally on the user's device. For users with an existing crypto wallet, Bifrost Wallet allows the user to import an existing 12- or 24-word recovery phrase. You can for example migrate to Bifrost Wallet from a Ledger hardware wallet with a 24-word recovery phrase or from a MetaMask software wallet with a 12-word recovery phrase. In general, any crypto wallet with a recovery phrase can be imported to Bifrost Wallet.

Bifrost Wallet stores the generated or imported recovery phrase in encrypted form, locally on the user's device. Access to the recovery phrase is protected by the user's PIN code or biometrics.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Towo Labs or Bifrost Wallet team members will never ask for your recovery phrase and you should never disclose it to anyone.

Anyone that gets hold of your recovery phrase can take all of your crypto assets. Your recovery phrase is the only backup of your private keys and the only way to access your crypto assets. If you for example forget your PIN code or if your phone is ever damaged, lost or stolen, you will need your recovery phrase to restore your Bifrost Wallet and regain access to your crypto assets.

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