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Receive Crypto Assets
Receive Crypto Assets

How to find your address to receive crypto assets in your Bifrost Wallet.

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In order to receive tokens from someone or transfer assets to your wallet from an exchange you need to find out what your address is.

To get started, tap the arrow button in the navigation bar and then tap Receive.

Next, scroll through the receive list to find the token you want to get the address for. Note the chain icon, on the bottom right of the token icon. For example, Tether (USDT) exist on multiple chains and therefore it's important to check that the chain is the one you are interested in.

Then, tap the token you would like to receive funds for.

In this screen, note that the chain is listed above the QR code and verify that the chain is correct.

If you are receiving tokens from someone in the same room, they can scan the QR code to get the address.

Otherwise, tap the address to copy and paste in another app, or press share to get more options.

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