Buy Crypto Assets

Buy crypto assets such as Flare (FLR), XRP, Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC) and Optimism (OP) directly in the Bifrost Wallet.

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You can buy crypto directly in Bifrost Wallet using on-ramp providers, so you don't have to buy in an exchange and then transfer to Bifrost Wallet.

To get started, tap on the arrow button in the navigation bar and then tap Buy.

Next, scroll through the list to find the token you are interested in, or search for the token in the search bar. Then tap the asset you are interested in buying.

You will now see the buy screen where you will be get an estimated price from the best on-ramp provider available for that asset.

Tap Continue and you will be forwarded to the on-ramp provider purchase flow to complete the purchase. The funds will be transferred by the on-ramp provider to your Bifrost Wallet.

Note that the availability of on-ramp providers varies between countries/regions and that purchases may be subject to a KYC process. For support regarding the purchase flow, we advise you to contact the specific on-ramp provider.

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