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Withdraw crypto from Kraken (web app)
Withdraw crypto from Kraken (web app)

Learn how to withdraw Flare, Ethereum, XRP and other crypto assets from Kraken to your Bifrost Wallet.

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Holding crypto on an exchange means the exchange manages your accounts, controlling your private keys on your behalf.

In contrast, using Bifrost Wallet enables you to manage your own crypto accounts and retain full control over your private keys.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to transfer crypto from the Kraken web application to your Bifrost Wallet.

To withdraw Flare tokens from the Kraken exchange you first need to login to your Kraken account.

Navigate to Funding in the header.

Press the Withdraw button on the Account balances row.

Search from the asset you want to transfer, this works for Flare, Songbird and many other assets.

If you haven't transfered to your Bifrost Wallet address before, you need to add your address for the token you want to transfer by pressing "Add new withdrawal address". After that, you select the amount you want to withdraw and then press the Withdraw button.

If you need to add a new address, you paste the address in your Bifrost Wallet into this window and add a description for future withdraws. Learn how to find your address.

The last step is to confirm the transaction, make sure that the address and amount is correct, and then press Continue.

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