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Withdraw crypto from Bitstamp (mobile app)
Withdraw crypto from Bitstamp (mobile app)

Learn how to withdraw Flare, Ethereum, XRP and other crypto assets from Bitstamp to your Bifrost Wallet.

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Holding crypto on an exchange means the exchange manages your accounts, controlling your private keys on your behalf.

In contrast, using Bifrost Wallet enables you to manage your own crypto accounts and retain full control over your private keys.

This article will describe how to withdraw tokens like Flare, Songbird, Ether and many other tokens from the Bitstamp mobile app to your Bifrost Wallet.

If you press the Portfolio button in the footer, you see an overview of your wallet. Press the token that you want to withdraw, for example Flare, Songbird, XRP or some other token you hold.

On the next screen, you should press the Withdraw button to the right.

On the withdrawal view, you fill in the amount you want to withdraw and your Bifrost Wallet address. Learn how to find your address. When the information looks correct, you press the Withdraw button in the bottom.

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