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Staking on Flare
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This guide shows how to stake your funds on Flare Network with Bifrost Wallet. This comprises the following steps:

  • Moving your Flare (FLR) tokens from the C-chain to the P-chain

  • Selecting a validator

  • Staking your funds

Before staking, you should consider the following:

  • The minimum amount to stake is 50 000 FLR.

  • The minimum duration is 14 days.

  • You can stake any amount of times to a maximum of 3 separate validators.

  • Staking rewards is currently made available every 14 days by the Flare Foundation, it is not tied to the expiration of your stake. (Updated 2024-01-26)

In order to reach the Staking Overview, go to the Flare (FLR) asset and select Stake.

Here, you can see an overview. You will likely have a balance of zero Flare (P) if it's the first time you are staking.

Pressing Cross chain will take you to a screen where you can move funds from the C-chain to the P-chain (and the opposite direction if you press the button with two arrows). It's recommended to move a little more than 50 000 FLR since the staking operation will require a small fee, 0.001 FLR. Press Continue and confirm the transaction.

The Cross chain transaction takes a few moments to complete. When it is done, you will see that your Flare (P) balance has updated.

When you have enough funds to continue, the Stake button will be enabled. Press the Stake button to start the staking process.

First, you need to select a provider. Some providers may be Unavailable if (1) their expiry time is less than 14 days, which is the minimum stake period or (2) the validator is full, i.e. there is less than 50 000 FLR of available space.

For a provider to be eligible for rewards they need to run a suite of infrastructure services for the Flare Network, currently an FTSO and a validator provider.

A provider may be Overstaked if the total amount of funds staked to them represent more than 5% of the total amount staked on Flare. This will cause that provider to yield less rewards, i.e. consider choosing a provider that is not Overstaked if possible.

When you have selected a validator provider, you can enter how much funds and for which duration you would like to stake. When your funds are staked, the funds are locked and you cannot do anything with them. After the stake has expired, the funds will automatically be unlocked and you can either stake them again or transfer them back to the C-chain.

Finally, review the details and confirm the stake transaction.

After the transaction is completed, you will see your stake in the bottom of the overview. Rewards will now be accumulated and claimable about every 14 days. Staking rewards are claimed manually on this screen.

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