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How to Participate in Flare (FLR) Airdrops
How to Participate in Flare (FLR) Airdrops

This article will describe what you need to do to participate in the FlareDrops

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The initial distribution of 15% of the Flare tokens was successfully completed on January 9th, 2023. The remaining 85% is airdropped over 36 months to holders of Wrapped Flare (WFLR).

To participate in the airdrops, also known as FlareDrops, all you need to do is hold WFLR in your wallet. The first one occurs 17 March 2023 and the last one occurs 30 January 2026. If your Flare tokens are on an exchange or in a wallet that does not support WFLR, transfer them to Bifrost Wallet.

To be eligible for the airdrops, you need to hold WFLR in your address for some time before each airdrop. How to wrap and delegate your FLR tokens.

In Bifrost Wallet under the FLR or WFLR token page, press the "..." context menu and Delegate, to see detailed information about the current and last FlareDrop.

You can activate Bifrost Claim Bot to not have to claim your FlareDrops manually. Your FlareDrops will then be claimed to your address as soon as they occur. How to enable Bifrost Claim Bot.

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