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How to Enable Automatic Claiming

Bifrost Claim Bot can automatically claim wrapped Flare rewards to your own wallet

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Flare Network's oracle system regularly distributes rewards to users delegating their vote power. Rewards can be claimed twice per week and can be claimed either manually or automatically. If you want to automate claiming you need to add a so called claim executor to your wallet address, allowing the executor to trigger the claim process from the on-chain reward manager directly to your own wallet.

The Bifrost Wallet team runs the claim executor Bifrost Claim Bot on Flare with address 0xdD76d702358936Af39c0E9F7E71F9512C83cacaE. By adding Bifrost Claim Bot as a claim executor to your wallet, your delegation rewards are automatically claimed and wrapped, before every new reward epoch.

This guide is for users of wallets like MetaMask, Ledger and Trezor. If you're using Bifrost Wallet, you can can enable automatic claiming simply by flipping a switch in the UI.

To enable automatic claiming for a non-Bifrost Wallet. Start by opening Flare Network' portal or dapp found at:

Once you have the Flare Portal dapp open inside your wallet's dapp browser or desktop browser, press Connect to Wallet and select your preferred way of connecting. If you're using a wallet on your phone, with the Flare Portal dapp open on a separate device, use WalletConnect.

Once you have connected your wallet of choice, go to the bottom of the Flare Portal, to the last section called Executor and press Add.

You add Bifrost Claim Bot as an executor by entering it's address 0xdD76d702358936Af39c0E9F7E71F9512C83cacaE, clicking confirm and sign the transaction with your connected wallet.

After the transaction has been confirmed, you've activated automatic claiming. At the end of each reward epoch, wrapped Flare (WFLR) will be automatically claimed to your wallet.

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