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Enable Automatic Claiming for Songbird
Enable Automatic Claiming for Songbird

Bifrost Claim Bot can automatically claim wrapped Songbird rewards to your Bifrost Wallet

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Songbird Network's oracle system regularly distributes rewards to users delegating their vote power. Rewards can be claimed twice per week and can be claimed either manually or automatically. If you want to automate claiming you need to add a so called claim executor to your wallet address, allowing the executor to trigger the claim process from the on-chain reward manager directly to your own wallet.

The Bifrost Wallet team runs the claim executor Bifrost Claim Bot on Songbird with address 0xdD76d702358936Af39c0E9F7E71F9512C83cacaE. By adding Bifrost Claim Bot as a claim executor to your wallet, your delegation rewards are automatically claimed and wrapped, before every new reward epoch.

This guide is for Bifrost Wallet users only. If you're using another wallet, like MetaMask, Ledger or Keystone, we've still got you covered, just go to our alternative guide on enabling automatic claiming.

Start by opening your Bifrost Wallet and go to the coins overview, press either Songbird or Wrapped Songbird to navigate to the token details page.

Tap the rightmost more button, the one with three dots. This action opens a context menu. Press Delegate to navigate to the delegation overview.

On the delegation overview, you find a section called Rewards. Autoclaiming will be Disabled by default, but can be enabled and disabled again by you at any time. Press the View More button to navigate to the claim overview screen.

Under Automation, you can see that the Bifrost Claim Bot toggle is off. Press the toggle to add Bifrost Claim Bot as a claim executor to your wallet. This allows our service to trigger the claim process on the reward manager smart contract, your wallet remains the recipient.

The cost to enable Bifrost Claim Bot and per claim is 2.5 SGB. Press Confirm to activate autoclaming. You can disable autoclaiming at any time.

After the transaction has been confirmed, you should see autoclaiming Enabled and the fee per claim. You have now activated automatic claiming. At the end of each reward epoch, wrapped Songbird (WSGB) will be automatically claimed to your wallet.

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