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How to Vote on Songbird Testing Proposals (STPs)
How to Vote on Songbird Testing Proposals (STPs)

The governance process on Songbird Network encourages participation.

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This article decribes how you can vote on Songbird Testing Proposals using Bifrost Wallet's in-app Web3 browser.

First, press the four squares icon to navigate to the browser tab.

In the search bar, type and press search, this will navigate you to the Flare Network dapp. We recommend that you bookmark this dapp by opening the context menu using the three dots "..." and press Add Bookmark.

With the Flare portal dapp open in the in-app browser, press Connect to Wallet.

Press either Bifrost Wallet, Metamask or Wallet Connect. Bifrost Wallet supports multiple connections options.

If you get connected to Flare Network instead of Songbird Network, press the network symbol at the bottom of Flare Portal to switch network.

Press Switch to confirm switching to the Songbird Network in Bifrost Wallet.

Once connected to Songbird Network, press the Voting tab at the bottom of the screen.

You should now be able to see your current votes, which was the number of wrapped Songbird you had when the snapshot was taken. Below your votes there is a list of proposals, press the one you want to vote for or against.

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