How to Name Addresses

Store and manage addresses in the in-app Address Book

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Bifrost Wallet has an in-app address book which makes it possible for you to name frequently used addresses. This makes it more convenient and secure to make recurrent transfers. It also helps you keep your addresses organized.

To add a new address, go to Settings and press the Address Book row.

On the next screen, you'll see a list of your saved addresses. To add a new address, press the "+" button in the upper right corner.

First select what blockchain this address is active on. Give the address a name and finally type or scan the address. With everything filled out, click Continue to proceed.

After you confirm the address, you will see that it shows up in the Address Book view. If you press on an entry in the Address Book, you can edit its name and properties.

Now whenever you want to send a crypto asset on the specified blockchain, your named addresses will appear as a suggestion.

In confirmation views, your named addresses will appear if they're either the recipient or contract that you're interacting with.

There are multiple benefits of naming frequently used addresses, including to reduce the risk of typing the wrong address and save time on recurring transfers or interactions. Stay safe!

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