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Withdraw from Coinbase App

How to transfer Flare (FLR) from Coinbase mobile app to Bifrost Wallet

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This article will describe how to withdraw tokens like Flare, Ether, BNB and many other tokens to the Bifrost Wallet from the Coinbase mobile app.

When you see this view, press the Send button with an upwards arrow.

You will get a list of tokens that you currently own in your Coinbase wallet, find the token you want to withdraw, for example, Flare or ETH, and then press it.

Select the amount you want to transfer, or press Max to transfer everything in your Coinbase wallet. Then press the Preview button in the bottom.

Verify that the token amount and the address you send to is correct. If you don't know what your address is in the Bifrost Wallet, you can learn about it here: Learn how to find your address. Also make sure that the Network is correct, for some tokens, you have the option to change the network, so make sure you transfer it on a network that is supported by the Bifrost Wallet. Press the Send Now button when you have confirmed the information.

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