How to use Web3 Injection

Learn how to connect to dapps via the MetaMask or Web3 injection option

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To connect your wallet to a decentralized application (dapp) that doesn't support WalletConnect, you can use web3 injection. This is a simple method for connecting your Bifrost Wallet to a dapp, with the help of the built-in dapp browser. Read more how to browse and access dapps with Bifrost Wallet.

Navigate to the browser view by pressing the button that looks like four squares. At the top, you'll now see a search bar.

Enter the URL to the dapp you want to visit or simply search for its name and let Google help you find the correct dapp. In this article we're using FLR Farm as an example. We enter and click the search icon on our mobile keyboard.

Then press Connect Wallet in the top right corner of the FLR Finance dapp and you'll see a popup with different connection options. For this example, we're not going to use WalletConnect, but rather Web3 injection sometimes displayed as "MetaMask".

Press the MetaMask option and a new popup appears in Bifrost Wallet, asking if you want to connect and share your address with this dapp.

Change the network to the network you want to connect with, in our case that is Flare Network. Then proceed by pressing the button that says CONNECT. You should now be connected to the dapp.

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