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How to Connect to and Trade on the XRPL DEX
How to Connect to and Trade on the XRPL DEX

How to connect to using WalletConnect with Bifrost Wallet.

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This article describes how to connect to the XRPL DEX interface using Bifrost Wallet over WalletConnect and learn how to trade USD issued by Bitstamp.

How to connect using WalletConnect

On your desktop computer, choose your favorite browser and visit Press Sign In which you find in the top right corner.

Choose Bifrost Wallet in the modal that pops up.

Now find the QR code scanner in the top-right corner of Bifrost Wallet. If the icon is not present, you need to update your Bifrost Wallet to version 0.5.6 or later.

Scan the QR code shown in your desktop browser with your Bifrost Wallet mobile app.

After you scan the QR code, a modal should appear in Bifrost Wallet. Confirm that you want to connect to by pressing Connect.

How to perform a trade on

First, choose what pair to trade by pressing the XRP/USDˇ button as shown in the screenshot below.

After pressing the button you should see a modal showing available tokens.

Select the token you want to trade, in our case it's USD issued by Bitstamp.

On the right side of the screen, you can choose to either buy or sell XRP for the token you selected. Choose limit price, quantity and for how long this offer should be active. Once you have double-checked the entered information, press the Sell XRP or Buy XRP button depending on your desired action.

A modal will appear in your Bifrost Wallet, where you should check all information again. If it matches your expectations, press Confirm to place your offer.

After a few seconds, you should see this message on your desktop computer, letting you know that the offer was created successfully.

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