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How to connect to XRP Toolkit and Configure XRPL Trust Lines
How to connect to XRP Toolkit and Configure XRPL Trust Lines

How to connect to XRP Toolkit using WalletConnect with Bifrost Wallet.

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This article describes how to connect to XRP Toolkit using Bifrost Wallet over WalletConnect and shows how to setup a trust line.

How to connect using WalletConnect

On your desktop computer, choose your favorite browser and visit Press Connect Wallet in the top right corner.

In the menu to the left, select Bifrost Wallet as your wallet type and press the button saying Connect Bifrost Wallet.

Now find the QR code scanner in the top-right corner of Bifrost Wallet. If the icon is not present, you need to update your Bifrost Wallet to version 0.5.6 or later.

Scan the QR code shown in your desktop browser with your Bifrost Wallet mobile app.

After you scan the QR code, a modal should appear in Bifrost Wallet. Confirm that you want to connect to XRP Toolkit by pressing Connect.

How to setup a trust line

To add a trust line for a new asset on the XRP Ledger, you can use XRP Toolkit. After you have connected to XRP Toolkit, navigate to Account > Assets in the menu or press Add Asset on the Overview.

On the next screen, you have the option to add a prepared asset or add a custom asset, in this example, we will add a prepared asset.

Select the asset you want to add from the dropdown menu, we choose to add USD issued by Bitstamp. Change the limit to your desired amount and press Next.

You should now see a modal in your Bifrost Wallet app, specifying the trust line details. When you have double-checked all information, press Confirm and sign the transaction.

Your new trust line should now appear in XRP Toolkit as a trusted asset. Use the XRP Toolkit dapp to edit or remove added trust lines.

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